nyxbikes – Carbon Fiber Frame kit


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Screenshot 2015-05-23 21.54.14NYX 2015 frame kit is made of carbon fiber due to its quality and special mechanical properties which make this material stronger than steel. We also choose Epoxy Resin, the best product available to mold carbon fiber. We use infusion molding method to assure maximum Fiber and minimize the matrix quantity, which means a lighter and stronger frame. In addition to the unique properties of the carbon fiber, all the other parts of the frame are made of numerically controlled machined aircraft aluminum. Another reason why NYX 2015 frame kit is so unique and innovative is because there is not a single weld, assuring a perfectly aligned and Stress-relief frame.
One Frame Fits All – with the NYX 2015 frame, all types of batteries, hub motors and controllers will fit. We know that buying an electric bike frame can be really tricky. Therefore, the most important issue is to make sure your bike components fit. At Nyx Bikes we offer the following options that will make your bike stick out a mile: two types of steerer diameters and a standard seat tube diameter. Also we offer two types of suspension bracket, which allows you to get 8 different bike geometries.


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2 thoughts on “nyxbikes – Carbon Fiber Frame kit

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