Vector – founded in 2012 in Western Ukraine

Total bike weight less than 50kg. The geometry of the frame was developed in such a way that it can resist high stress during off-road riding. 100% electric is so efficient that it’s energy consumption is equivalent to 0.04l per 100km of gasoline. If we take into account the price of the battery, the limited number of battery cycles and the cost of electricity to charge it, we get 130 km/dollar travel cost. This is an absolute record among any vehicle!vector11.910506705_1030568590304200_2291450234563084901_oitems.1373495307.bitems.1403855870-2.b10749939_947198378641222_2856934761253858784_o312kw

Custom build steel frame with polymer side covers. Crystalyte HT 4065 motor / 84V 65A = 5.4kW. Lyen 18 controller 65A. LiPo 20S (84V) 20Ah / 1.68 kW/h. Smart BMS with screen indicator and balancing option. Charger 10A 84V / 2h charging time. Front fork Boxxer RC or FOX 40RC2. Rear suspension FOX Vanila R 220mm 650lbs spring. Spank Stiffy 40Al 24″ rims. Crazy BOB 2.35 tyres. Hydrolyc brakes, 203mm rotor. Cruise control, 3 position speed switch, regenerative bracking button, USB charging port, integrated light. 7 gears on back, 2 on front.


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