Brinco – 39kg, 60Nm, 60km/h – 4.600€

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Bultaco, cu o traditie de peste 50 de ani se reinventează cu un bike de vis.
Se poate comanda și în România – preț 4.333€ + TVA.
Brinco are doar 39kg greutate, viteză maximă de 60km/h.
Putere nominala – 2000w, cuplu – 60Nm.
Autonomie până la 100km în mod pedalare asistată electric.
Baterie de 1300 Wh Li-ion cu până la 1000 cicluri, celule Samsung.
Combustibilul pentru 100km costă sub 1leu, bateria se poate încărca în 2 ore.
Baterie are 8kg și poate fi schimbata in 15 secunde.
Brinco are 3 moduri de funcționare – Eco, Urban și Sport.
În modul Urban respectă limitarile UE, poate fi astfel folosit ca o ”bicicletă”.
Adică fără înmatriculare, fără asigurare, fără impozite.
Și mai ales nu veți mai plăti niciodata benzina sau schimb de ulei.

2016-05-15 (1)
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Brinco R

Schlumpf Gearing System

 offroad (8)offroad (7)2015-06-01_bultaco_brinco-1712015-06-01_bultaco_brinco-1650

Strava Analysis


Strava Recording
Brinco Uphill Test
Brinco Uphill Test – viteza medie de 38,9km/h urcare pe Feleac



7 thoughts on “Brinco – 39kg, 60Nm, 60km/h – 4.600€

  1. How much in American dollars.
    I want one.
    Bruce Truax
    P.o. box 21210
    Eugene, Oregon 97402


  2. 16.06.2015, to Bruce: The price in USA, including shipping from Spain could be better than in Europe as you have lower VAT.
    4800euro is factory price in Spain with 21% spanish VAT ie 3967Euro without VAT.
    I do not know yet the list of Bultaco dealers in USA, it’s ”under construction”.
    Deliveries can start only next month.

    19.06.2015: from Steve Grier: ‘I was able to check with US customs and they told me that the tariff schedule of the United States provides for “OTHER MOTORCYCLES”. The rate of duty based on the FOB value is 3%. This covers Electric Bikes, Motorcycles and Mopeds. I personally do not think it would a problem for a private person to make their own customs clearance and you can send shipping charges collect, air airfreight or sea freight.’


    1. Bultaco has not offered this information for now, they say the battery can support 1000 cycles and they also have regen function to extend with up to 25% the range by recovering downhill cinetic energy. They are a factory not an open source project. Here are 2 articles –,


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