Suzhou Kunteng Electronic

2016-07-24 (7)2016-07-24 (8)hall2016-07-24 (9)www.szktdz/en – Suzhou Kunteng Electronic official site2016-07-24 (5) - Copy2016-07-24 (6)2016-07-24 (10)You can Download here the Kunteng LCD3 Full Manualcontroller case

The LCD3 Kunteng is not compatible with Bafang BBS engines. Bellow pictures of the latest color Bafang DPC14, with USB output, sold in Europe at prices up to 100Euro.
Download here the pdf >> DPC14 User Manual  And youtube >> presentation.
Password for Bafang advanced settings is “1919”.





KT Bluetooth APP is designed for e-bike fans. It can replace the traditional e-bike display using wireless communication with the Bluetooth modular to achieve a variety of vehicle control and vehicle status display on the phone.
dual controller


KT LCD1 User ManualKT LCD1 Full Manual


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