EU bike industry & sales – July 2016 Report

July 2016 Report of the European Bicycle Industry Confederation – 

Today China has 200 million e-bikes running on the road totaling 14 billion € in value, a tenfold increase from 2005. China’s electric bike industry experienced its first production drop in the past 15 years. During the first half of 2014, the production of the top 50 e-bike manufacturers dropped by 1.98%, a big contrast to the annual average 30% increase in the past. Over the years the number of e-bike manufacturers in China has reduced from 2,000 in the year of 2000 to around 700 today. Among them 393 have annual turnovers of over 3 million €. According to China Bicycle Association, the top ten e-bike companies accounted for 47% of the total production in 2014. The value of the entire upstream and downstream industry chain has reached 28 billion €. During the first half of 2014, the production of lithium battery equipped e-bikes reached 1.7 million units; an increase of 36% and accounted for over 50% of the total e-bike export.
A group of 70 Members of the European Parliament, launched a stakeholders consultation on 15th March on whether Market Economy Status (MES) should be granted or not to China: results have been recently published and show that out of 6,000 responses, 91% is against granting MES to China.

European Bicycle Industry and Market Profile 2016 with 2015 data – download PDF

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Bulgaria and Romania are similar: 1# Big production, much bigger than countries with big economies like France or Spain. 2# Low sales and very low average value for the bikes sold, 150€ in Romania compared with 914€ in Holland, 650€ in Spain, 420€ in Germany. 3# Most of their production goes to exports. Bulgaria produced 940Kbikes in 2015 and had sales of only 62K bicycles with average value under 150€.  Romania produced 900.000 bikes in 2015 – 7% of the EU bike production and had a surprising 18% of the EU production, of parts and accessories, same as Germany (18%) and second only to Italy (28%). In the same year there were sales of 400K bikes in Romania, compared to  988K in Holland, 1104K in Poland and 4350K in Germany.


In EU the electric bike sales had a growth of almost 20% in 2015 and a growth of over 25% in 2014.  The EPAC sales in Germany were impressive – 535K out of total 4350K, 12.3% in number of bikes but much higher percentage as market share value! At 2015 Eurobike, Marc Faude the manager of the Focus brand said “In ten years, there will no more commercial mountain bikes without electric motors”. This trend is confirmed by the EPAC sales in Holland: 276K e-bikes were sold in Holland in 2015, almost 28% of the total sales 988K. That is why the average value of bikes sold was the highest in Holland 914€/bike! In Belgium this percentage seems to be even higher: 141K ebike sold out of around 400K total number of bikes sold = over 35%! In Romania less than 1000e-bikes were sold in 2015, we estimate that almost half of them had acid batteries.

dhsThe last 10 years the DHS factory from Romania exported over 200k bikes/year to Germany, mostly to & Located in Deva, this factory had a turnover of 46 million€ in 2014, exporting 70% of the production to the UE market, with e-bikes counting 35% of the exports.

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