the future is light – Bofeili & Bionicon



Bofeili’s history  Bofeili, established in 2012, is the rising star among China’s mid-drive e-bike system companies. In 2013, based on the successful experience of the first generation motor and its years of insistent R&D, Bofeili launched the second generation MID-DRIVE PRO SYSTEM with torque sensor and controller built which immediately won unanimous recognition of the market and the e-bike manufacturers. It also released the quick charger, which realized 1-hr full charge without any negative impact to the lithium battery.  Annual production of motors has reached 80.000 to 120.000 sets per year,  e-bike annual production capacity is at 60.000 units. Germany’s Bionicon has created the E-ram, reportedly the world’s lightest mid-mount motor: the 250W, 48V motor has a maximum torque of 60 Nm and has only at 1.45 kg.20130701174201_18190.jpg

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