Bafang BBS Chainrings

img_20160105_09003929018funbafang2-6-1-1024x1024.jpgpp1bbs-chrngBBS02 Chain ring adapter 104bcd – £ designed in France, CNC, Aluminium 6061, anodizing color, 45g

twenty6-40t-cog-shimano-customcyclurbabfcr-customlekkieeLekkie Bling RingNarrow Wide Pattern tooth pattern to eliminate chain derailment and increase durability by thickening the teeth. CNC 7075 aluminium, T6 heat treated, anodised finish, 42T, 136g weight.  Fits Bafang BBS01 and BBS02 Motors, suits 7,8,9,10,11 speed chains (some Sram chains do not fit. Shimano is good).

precalpsPreciAlps Chainring is designed in France. The design combines the smallest possible Drive ring (42T), whilst also maintaining the correct chainline. Machined with a Narrow Wide to eliminate chain derailment and reduce tooth ware. 7075 Aluminium and T6 hardened for long life. Very light only 133g instead of 340g  (original Bafang chainring).36tPreciAlps : perfect for MTB use, 55km/h with an amazing torque. IMG_9047.jpgrightkmcalps

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