e-bike spokes

26_27_29diamertomm: Ø balon – Ø int.anv. (Ø ext.jantă) / țol 1”=25.4mm: Ø jantă x Ø balon anvelopălatbalontipuri_spitespk-500x500strong-23hozanHozan Spoke Threader
phil-woodPhil Wood Spoke Cutting and Threading MachinemorizuniMorizumi Masakazu king of spoke machines? (Phil, Kowa, Cyclus, Hozan)spoking-diameter36_24_0123crossxrossings1 cross wheel. Each spoke crosses one other spoke from the same flange.
2 cross wheel. Each spoke crosses 2 spokes from the same flange. In this case, starting from the hub, one spoke is crossed almost immediately after leaving the hub, and the other is crossed about half way to the rim.
3 cross wheel. Each spoke crosses three others from its flange. Starting from the hub, the first cross is right at the flange, the second is an inch or two out from the flange, and the third is about half way to the rim. Notice that in this three cross wheel, the spokes come off the flange almost tangentially. All other things being equal, tangential flange departure is the best for transmitting power or braking with a hub brake. However, tangential departure isn’t too good for supporting weight or taking bumps. It’s usually best not to go completely tangential, especially given that exact tangential departure will bring a spoke very close to the head of the first spoke it crosses, creating problems. For this reason, 3 cross is better than 4 cross for large hubs.
4 cross wheel is beyond tangential, which is disfunctional. For functionality, the hub would have had to have been even smaller.

ideale_speichenlaengeqs19″x1.6″ alu rim, 36X10G spokes (iron with zinc coat), 3000W 205 50H, 150mm dropout


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