The Future of City Mobility

zero-fxsElectric motocycles have best range in city, under 60km/h speed. The issue is to have a model similar in specs with Zero FXS but at a much smaller end user price. The Zero has moto acceleration 3,9s to 100km/h, enough range to make long commuting. The engine and the battery can go up to 700.000km lifetime, with 80.000km / 5years warranty!! @11.000Euro.

volta-specsvoltavolta-rangeVolta has good technology, performance but range too short. @8.900Europower-emotorcycle-t400-11-1specsWith front wheel: 80/100-18 & rear wheel: 110/80-17, 72V40AH Co-Mn-Ni Lithium Battery, top speed of 100km/h Tailg T600 looks good, let us see pricing. subversivefactoriestork-duke Tork T6X and Duke 200 have about same price, but Torq has 29Nm at any speed (at low city speeds) while Duke 200 can get to 19Nm only after reving up up to 800rpm (at high speeds). Torq do not need to change gears in city. It seems that Tork will make a stronger model for the European market, maybe 3000w engine.10700715315695139Some China models have improved design. China is leading the EV industry, they have the big numbers on their side, they have the capacity to produce models with breaking prices: maybe 3500Euro end user price in Europe for 3000w engine, 4kwh battery, 16”-17” rear wheel, top speed 100km/h, city range over 100km.


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