2×2 TwinBurst – Traction Control, Anti-Slip, ABS, Regen & Coupled Brakes

twintwinburst.com – 80Nm – 1.6 kg / front + 2.2 kg / rear geared hubs. 3 certified assistance modes + 1 off-road mode. Anti-slip, ABS, Regenerative braking, linked braking. For slippery terrain, rain, mud, offroad.carto-moteurspec 2016-11-20-92016-11-20-102016-11-20-112016-11-20-122016-11-20-132016-11-20-152016-11-20-162016-11-20-172016-11-20-182016-11-20-192016-11-20-232016-11-20-202016-11-20-21


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