AsiaWing – quality & brand building

In the 70’s we laughed at Jap bikes and Datsuns. In the 80’s we laughed at Skoda. In the 90’s we laughed at Kia and Hyundai, they now top the reliability charts just below the Japanese and come with a 7 year warranty. AsiaWing bikes are today miles ahead of where Hyosung were 10 years ago. The Chinese are coming, make no mistake about it.

asiawing-2017-6asiawing-2017-7asiawing-2017-8asiawing-2017-5asiawing-2017-9asiawing-2017-10asiawing-2017-40asiawing-2017-2asiawing-2017-15r1distrArgentina (Heikon TT450 and Backfire BXF450),
Australia (Odes MCF450E),
Brazil (Tokens TXR450),
Chile (Takasaki LX450),
China (Asiawing LD450),
Czech Republic (Václav Vizinger VV MX450),
Finland (Menopeli LD450),
France and other border countries (Upower PZF 450),
Germany (Borossi BT 450 LX),
Italy (GioItalia 450 Motard),
Netherlands (Asiawing LX 450X),
Russia (Forsage 450),
South Africa (BigBoy SMR450),
Spain (Impormotor IMR 450R),
Sweden (Monstra 450),
United States (Christini AWD 450, CCW Hooligun 450X)
United Kingdom (WK 450rx, Christini 450)

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