flux ideas – 2017 trends

The time for fat bikes has come and gone but the taste for fatter, if not fully fat is still going on. Mid-sized 27.5+ wheels can fit nicely into 29er frames and forks. 26×3″ tires can be squeezed into many frames designed around 27.5″ wheels. With a middrive engine and a 27.5+ platform same bike can be used with 29 wheels as a speed road bike or with wide 26 wheels as an offroad bike. For dual use the chainwheel can also be changed, from 42 teeth to 52 teeth in the case of Bafang BBS.275Elevated chainstays– function over form. This trend is a direct result of trying to shoehorn plus-sized tires into frames while keeping the chainstay length in check. The motivation behind today’s elevated chainstay designs – it’s all about packaging. The chainstays, chainring and rear tire are all vying for space. It’s like there’s a land grab going on just behind your bottom bracket! This quirky hardtail can accommodate 29+, 27.5+ and standard 29er rubber thanks to interchangeable dropouts and an elevated chainstay design that keeps the rear respectably short.2salsa_woodsmoke29-1469586054894-xzqtn71r1zn7-1474950217980-6hja2u7edqa8-630-354
Sram EX1 is the world’s first drivetrain system specifically developed for the unique demands of the E-MTB. Forget ‘the more, the merrier’, the important question is not how many gears, but how wide is your gear range, because it is a wider ratio that gives you the ability to take on steep climbs and save battery life.  Ex1  has a gear range of 436 % – an enormous ratio spread over just eight gears, an average of 30% difference between each gear. With standard cassettes on e-bikes you need to shift more frequently and faster due to the rapid acceleration.  Conventional drivetrains, under the load of the motor and because of double shifts and cross-chaining can cause snapped chains and excess wear. Limited gear ratio affects how E-MTBs climb and impacts on their battery life. The SRAM EX1 groupset comes with X-SYNC chainrings with wide-narrow tooth profile. 14, 16 and 18-tooth sprockets for Bosch motors and 34-tooth chainrings for Brose and Yamaha mid-drive motors.sram-ex1-schaltung-drivetrain-8-gaenge-e-mountainbike-ebike-mtb-com-6-von-24“Adventure e-bikes” is the buzzword of the year. “Have bags will travel” seems to be the industry mantra at the moment. Even big names like Giant are entering the bikepacking market. With middrive engines, second battery could go on the rear rack.ar6ar4ar0DUAL battery by Bosch – Y-cable connector & Intuvia or Nyon displays. 2x500w=200km on flat, or 100km in off-road. The controller intelligently manages the two batteries, switching between them when charging and discharging.reissemullerBofeili’s history  Bofeili established in 2012 is the rising star among China’s mid-drive e-bike system companies. In 2013, based on the successful experience of the first generation motor and its years of insistent R&D, Bofeili launched the second generation MID-DRIVE PRO SYSTEM with torque sensor and controller built which immediately won unanimous recognition of the market and the e-bike manufacturers. It also released the quick charger, which realized 1-hr full charge without any negative impact to the lithium battery.  Annual production of motors has reached 80.000 to 120.000 sets per year,  e-bike annual production capacity is at 60.000 units. Bafang BBS 750 – the open/easy choice.bfx6reention65 cells Reention innertube battery can hold up to 800wh, 48V17Ah. Innertube solution is 1#low cost, 2#secure, 3# resistant in offroad and 4# could hold over 1000wh (13S7P / 2900NCR?)reentionhaibike_2017_sduro_allmtn_70Do you know what is EMC testing? Watch here the Throttle Distance Testing.fluxflx1flx2 speed Road bike or Offroad trail bike:
# elevated chainstay. Haibike geometry.
# Standard “city” battery – innertube with 65 cells / 505mm.
# Space inside triangle for >1kw innertube (13S 6P-8P).
# 27.5″ platform with plus tyres: max. 26×3″ or 29×2.2″
# Swap wheels and chainwheels – dual use: road or trail.
# No sway rear rack for second battery: >200km on road or >4h on trails.
# Middrive 750w BBS – speed pedalec – 45km/h or higher top speed.
# Sram EX1 (or similar) drivetrain with wide-narrow tooth & wide chain.bicicleta-mtb-rockrider-500-s2000eurospecialized-turbo-s-188992-19.jpg500w geared rear hubs from Dapu and Bafang – under 4kg, 45km/h top speed, low cost and good climbing with up to 48Nm torque. 135mm dropout with cassette.dapu-m155cdbafangwuxing-cruisebinary-1y1azul

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