Dual Battery

2 batteries in parallel  – ontrol which battery you use through the switches on the bottoms of the batteries. Running them both together gives you a slightly greater speed.  roberts-dual-battery-sirrus-ebikeJust above the drivetrain and below the cargo basket of this e-trike there is the standard battery,  for double range just slide in the extra battery pack and go.trikeDUAL battery by Bosch – Y-cable connector & Intuvia or Nyon displays. The controller intelligently manages the two batteries, switching between them when charging and discharging. When two batteries are fitted, the system draws current from each battery in repeating sequences, ensuring a similar depletion rate for both batteries. To charge two batteries when fitted to a bike, it is critical to have only one charger  connected to the system. To prevent a second charger from being fitted, a blanking plug and a warning sticker are fitted to one of the two charge ports. This is done at the factory. If you need to charge both batteries quickly and you have a second charger, simply remove one of the batteries from the bike and charge separately.reissemullerZed e-bikes bike need 1000W energy for a full charge, one PV panel can generate 143kwh energy annually, enough to cover 16.000 km/year. Zed uses a switch to select the active battery, thus the batteries do not have to be same type/capacity and can be charged with 2 chargers simultaneously. Such switches are currently used for yacths, range rovers with dual battery systems and in photovoltaic applications.zedsw.PNG25A.jpgcablawg mm2awg

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