Boston Packs

PVC Epoxy Packs with Boston Swing 5300mAh & Smart Chargers >> online shop <<

alisa packs - Copy50-62w4Boston-Power is using second generation technology that helps counter the heat and longevity problems of first generation batteries. Lithium-ion battery manufacturer Boston Power has secured a $290 million funding  from two local governments in China, to support the expansion of two of Boston Power’s facilities in China. The company’s Liyang facility will receive a total investment of $160 million, increasing its manufacturing capacity fivefold by 2016. The company’s Tianjin facility will grow its capacity to 4GW by 2017, and is expected to reach 8 GWh in manufacturing capacity by 2018. China is the largest and fastest growing EV market in the world and leads in the manufacturing of Eco-EV and E-buses. China’s EV market is expected to reach US$35 billion by 2020, with demand for high-end lithium-ion batteries hitting 100 GWh.bs1bs2smartbs3A revolutionary “kit” of standard components that allows OEMs and pack assemblers a simple, cost-effective way to assemble large format battery pack solutions for electric vehicle (EV) and energy storage system (ESS) applications. Available in 155 Wh and 116 Wh increments, with 207 Wh/kg energy density, module designs can be created to meet a wide variety of voltage and capacity requirements. Companies in need of large format battery packs are faced with spending significant time and expense in designing, qualifying and fabricating custom solutions to meet their requirements.  Boston-Power’s Ensemble Module System provides a semi-custom cell-to-module approach to quickly and easily integrate Boston-Power’s cells into high energy density battery modules.   For OEMs and pack assemblers, the Ensemble Module System accelerates time to proof of concept, prototype and most importantly market while reducing upfront capital investment, program risk, BOM complexity, labor cost, production yield and operational complexity. Video – tabs & welding.
ass186pb5assBoston-Power Ensemble® Module System, Swing Key 442 blocks “building block”.qb holders moduleA Typical Boston Pack: 13.75kg, 13S10P 48V53ah. Bellow a list of Gearless Hubs.gearless hubs

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