Honda opened a design line, followed by Alpha, Brinco. Tube welders like “Vector” and Qulbix showed that small companies can start business and grow.hondarn02But companies like Bultaco or SuRon will never sell frames, they will sell just complete ebikes. Small bike builders in order to compete with big companies, in order to start small production and grow, could cooperate, by paying a designer to make plans for a frame than making the weldings, the bike building, in several countries, sharing components and an open arhitecture.
Such a project could start with a few requests like:
1# A frame similar with FireFly frame, but with bicycle pedals and seat. There is rumor on endless that LunaCycle will be offering a pedal kit on FireFly!

battery2# Battery swapping, regular paralelipiped shape, width however to be discussed, less wider than the width used by  FireFly for better pedalling. Something like 48V53Ah 12kg 125*200*370mm.ais-carbon3# Open arhitecture modular design. 1@ rear swing arm similar with FireFly/Brinco/Alpha. 2@ main body with battery compartment. 3@ part for BB area to be attached to the main body. This 3rd part can be different models, to be compatible with different engines like Bafang BBS02/03 or Bafang MM G521.5001
BB area - Copy8Bike-Europe-Bafang-2018-M-500Steps: 1# Target Arhitecture, 2# Rider Sheet, 3# Preliminary design, 4# Revisions, 5# Autocad Design, 6# Welding Jig Plans, 7# Prototype.
2# Rider Sheet – Customer information collection – The sheet covers how comfortable we are on our touring bikes, what riding style we like, how well we feel our bike fits us and more. sheet


im1Designer Zlatko Vidic prices, depending on frame complexity: 1# For design, calculations, and production ready drawings – min.1200 EUR. 2# jig drawings for 1000 EUR, for one kind of bike frame, swingarm.

Welding in Romania, Cluj-Napoca

Zlatko Swing ArmVector131Falcon AMq3BetaTo have a modular construction,  to adapt the frame to use different mid engines, only change #3, different shapes. #3 is supporting only the weight of battery, main module part #2 is supporting the heavy loads.

>> compare Qulbix Models here <<

Beta1tt1tt2sbwsobowo2S framefront derailleurFD (Custom)audi1fxS1

SR Suntour V-Boxx



Modular design: by changing 3 can have battery compartment with different sizes; by changing module 4&3, different engines can be hanged / adapted to the frame and have good engine guard / protection; by chaging 5 can have bicycle seat or moto seat. jn4


Denzel Junior by Pablo

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