Mxus 3kW Turbo

3W drawingwindingwindingWinding: for example – 21×3 means 21 thin wires turn around each tooth 3 times, 25×4 means 25 thin wires turn 4 times around every tooth. More turns around tooth/pole – motor spins slower at same voltage. Less turns around tooth/pole – motor will spin faster at same voltage. The higher the voltage, the faster will rotate the hub, the higher will be the top speed. For longer range – better use a slow hub motor with FOC controller – Mxus V 3 turbo with slow winding (example – 10×6=6T, or 12×5=5T). You will loose speed, but you increase efficiency. SH choice – 4504.
4506 – means that copper strand goes six times around every tooth/pool.
4505 – means that copper strand goes five times around every tooth/pool.
4503 – means that copper strand goes three times around every tooth/pool.3939

Kellys don’t work with digital speedos. << Installed Kelly/KEB Controller w Regen in my Motorino XPn Capture.JPGVery well documented build: Watt meter/Ammeter with 100a shunt – only $20, didn’t really need the whole Cycle Analyst for $160+ etc Ebike scooter project QS 4kw V3 72v, Kelly KEB72601srnaSW900 works with its own controller, not suitable for Sabvoton or Kelly
ImageThe folks at Grin (Cycle Analyst) would almost certainly be open to collaborating. I’ve seen them in person, and they’re super chill to talk to. They love discussing ideas about their product and troubleshooting. I had an idea where a phone could be hooked to the CA and used as a full-colour meter for voltage, speedo, temps, trip data, etc. All you’d need is a cheap handlebar mount and a way for the CA to broadcast to the app (either via cable, and it could then act as a charger, or over bluetooth).
ImageAn enthusiastic bike builder will experiment with nice prototypes as above, but such a solution can get a bit “complicated”, all those cables can be service problems. IMHO a business oriented bike builder will look for a plug and play solution like in pictures bellow, a Lego type solution which will offer less functions, easier service and the possibility to sell to a network of less experienced bike builders.
mxshrspeedoKit Florinfl1hall throttle3pdBack in 2001, Aldo Baiocchi was trying to find the perfect gift for his daughter Daniela. He decided on an electric scooter. Unfortunately, it seemed very difficult to find one. Finally he ordered one from the US but nobody would ship it to Canada. He then decided that there was a market for these scooters. After a few months of research he imported a container from China and DAYMAK was born (D-Daniela -A-ldo).. Unfortunately, it was seized at Canada Customs because it did not meet Transport Canada standards. After that expensive lesson, Daymak imported electric bicycles (2002) and got everything pre-approved. The operations started from a 300 sq. foot garage. Due to too many kids, knocking at the door after hours operations had to be moved to a store. From 300 sq. foot location, we now have a 55,000 feet location (that is 100 times bigger) and we have over 200 dealers! Daymak has reached the fastest growing companies in 2011. Profit 100, Profit 200 and Profit 500 (2013). dayak (Custom).pngThe future of bike electronics? APPs. Smart controllers with Bluetooth Dongle, evolving software and ALL IN ONE Android that can do everything: replace LCDs, Speedos, GPS. Turbo: Higher mode output, torque by 20%. Auto Shutoff while controller temp exceeds 80°C. Daymak SettingsHigh torque mode: Controller pushes the torque up to 20% or until the motor temperature reaches 80°C. OFF Road: Preset configuration for rough terrain. Eco mode: After starting all current becomes weak. It is suitable for small battery to increase mileage. Preset mode that reduces battery current after starting the bike. This feature increases mileage and is ideal for small batteries. Motor Lock: Manual start locks the motor mode so that vehicle can’t be moved. This mode is kept even more power off until the power on next time, unless shut down by app, being used when the power switch turns on. This feature disables the motor. Can be used for anti-theft measures of act as a kill switch. (On/Off Values). Auto Cruise: Turn on the button of Auto Cruise or keep hold of the throttle for 8 seconds, auto cruise begins. If manual cruise turns on, auto cruise will be invalid. When this is on, the rider must hold the throttles position for 8 seconds to allow controller to hold the speed. Auto cruise does not work when Manual is on. Manual Cruise: Turn on or off the button of manual cruise. The controller keeps the real-time speed, matching with manual button. High acceleration: High acceleration has priority when low acceleration are on at the same time. Reduces the time needed to achieve maximum speed. Higher values make your bike accelerate quicker (1-10) Fast start supersedes slow start when it is activated. Low acceleration: The higher, the slower. Low acceleration can be set, turn on or off and turn up or down. The acceleration of your bike will slow down. Higher values make acceleration slower (values 1-10)
yysilver (Custom)yspecsForward/reverse: Spins the motor positive or negative direction. Only works if the motor
supports this. Reverse speed Limit: Adjust the highest speed (10%-100%) of reverse. Much too low speed affects reverse torque. Similar to speed limit. This controls the spin rate of the motor in reverse (10%-100%). Low values will affect acceleration in reverse. EBS Braking Force: intensity range of electronic braking (10 grades) The higher, The stronger, matching with braking function. Increases the sensitivity of your Electronic braking (1-10Values) higher values require less pressure on the brake lever. Battery Current Limit (A): Adjust the max output of battery (50%~100%) Too small output current affects starting torque. Change the max output current of the battery. (50-100%) Smaller values can have an effect on acceleration and torque. Phase Current Limit (A): Adjust the max phase current of motor (50%~100%) Too small phase current affects starting torque. Adjust the max Phase current of motor (50-100%). Hall Sensor Phase Angle: Motor hall installation angle (120° or 60°). Phase can’t be matched if choose wrong angle. Adjust Accelerator Curve: Start linear control and nonlinear control shift, increasing controllability of low speed. Low Voltage Cutoff: Adjust cut-off voltage of controllers. When the battery reaches this voltage, controller stops working and protects itself. Adjusting range depends on the controller setting. This feature allows you to set a low voltage setting. If your battery reaches your setting it will shut off. Speed notification: Enable or disable speed notifications. Restore factory settings: Restore Controller’s Original factory setting. Controllers inside parameters will be restored to original factory settings. All adjusting parameters will be substituted with factory settings parameters. Double confirm after clicking and sending directly without clicking send button. Restores the settings back to the original sate. led settyycn1yycn2yycn3yyc1yyc248V vs

294504teste fp


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