Cargo Engines

HTB1dGlaQXXXXXcjXFXXq6xXFXXXY2018-06-142018-06-14 (1)electric-recumbent-trike-headerIMG_20180508_195710_1Kunteng controllers: 9 mosfet  with PAS, reverse, lights – 10A nominal, 20A max for 500W engine. 12 mosfet 30A for 750w engine. 18 mosfet with PAS, reverse, lights and regen brakes –  30A nominal / 60A peak for 1200W engine. Battery BMS – 30A nominal 60A peak.Kunteng cablesu5 - Copyu4 - Copy600B - CopyDownload here – 600B LCD display panel instructionsyllw1rcl214122141211412sp - Copytop speedcaneluricnlr14241HTB11P5CSFXXXXXJapXXq6xXFXXXB1424empilhadeira-eletrica-caminhao-de-conducao-motor-bm1424hqf-bldc-2200-w-60-72-v-motor-de-eixo-traseiro-do-trator.jpg35859326_2096608590580635_2214767630701559808_nDual Controller4500W

Motor parameters: Voltage: 60/72/96VDC, Rated speed: 2500-2800RPM, Maximum speed: 3000RPM-5200RPM, Rated power: 4.5/5.5/7.0KW, Peak power: 9.0/11.0/14.0KW. Working system S9: Number of phases 3 Insulation class: Class F protection class: TP55 Cooling method: Air-cooled reduction ratio: High speed 7.5, Low speed 14.47.12inch (Custom).jpghub calculation examplehub list

Gearless hub engines are seldom used for heavy cargo vechicles, hubs are best for speed, road, cargo needs higher torque, the temperature rise of motor might be a problem.

For a cargo trike with total weight of 500kg (vehicle, driver, battery & cargo), max. speed 40km/h, wheel radius with tyre 0.2344m (120/70-12), bellow is calculation, considering that the EV cross section area is 1.5, with windage resistance factor 0.5. On the ground, the EV needs 452.89RPM while the torque is 28.02N.m (14.0N.m for each motor, driven by 2 motors). @40kmh on flat the motor out power is 1329.03W (664W each). When climbing a 9 degree slope (15.64%) @10KPH /113.22RPM, the EV needs max. torque 195.44N.m (97.7N.m each). The 27H V1 motor might work, the 1500W 260 30H V1 motor is better, considering the temperature rise and high torque on the slope.500kg EVsia

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