The 3500mAh league. Batteries for e-MTBs & Speed Pedalecs.

Currently the world’s e-bike sector takes up about 10% of all battery cells produced. Taking into account that fact that Bosch recently said that it expects the e-bike market to have tripled by 2020, the demand for cells used in e-bike batteries will rise to 30%.
eroadAfter e-mtb, the next big thing is e-road. New 2.3kg engine from Bafang can top 45km/h! 21700 cells with their nominal capacity of 5.2Ah are the way to go for the near future, 21700 will be the new standard. All the major cell makers start producing them. All big brands make eMTBs with batteries that are too small for real offroad range or speed pedalec travels. For uphills over more than one big hill or 4h of travel at higher speeds batteries will have to be over 800Wh, more than 1kwh in future.35eSamsung INR18650-35E 3500mAh (Pink)-CapacityLG 18650 MH1 3200mAh (Cyan)-CapacitySamsung INR18650-35E 3500mAh (Pink)-CapacityTimeHoursLG 18650 MH1 3200mAh (Cyan)-CapacityTimeHoursLG 18650 MH1 3200mAh (Cyan)-infoIntl-outdoor NCR18650BD 3200mAh (Black)-infobostonAs turned out, the 5300mAh Boston cell is not overrated and at 0.2C it gives out 5318mAh – a lil bit more than the nominal capacity. The amount of energy is also slightly higher than the nominal – 19.36 vs 19.3Wh. At 5.0A the capacity is lower than at 10.0A, but the amount of energy is higher. This is a normal thing, and the important one is the amount of energy. At 13.0A the measured capacity was 5091mAh and the energy – 16.48Wh. The results are good and not surprising for me. This is a high quality cell which can give out almost 5100mAh/16.5Wh at 13.0A. In some cases the prismatic form is preferable than cylindrical and i think it will help to build battery packs with higher energy density than in case of using 26650 cells with ~5000mAh capacity. At 5A a 13s8p pack for a moto-ebike can give a fairly amount of power 8x5A=40A >> 40Ax50V=1h@2000W or 2h@1000W.2kw Boston (2)Big Hailong352a355a358aConclusions: At higher Amps Sanyo NCR18650GA is the number one, Panasonic NCR18650GA is not the same but very close to its Japanese bro and is the number two. Samsung showed an exceptional performance at 0.2C and 2A but at higher discharge rates Panasonic was better. LG is the outsider of this division. 13S5P Big Hailong with Samsung 35E will give 5x2A=10A >> 480W power at lowest cost. Typical use with Bafang BBS02 750W is over 2hours – less than 400W average consumption offroad, less than 200W average consumption on road.

LG MH1 vs LG MJ1 vs Samsung 35E

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