fill up ideas

5001Big Hailongimgpsh_fullsizes49_Alu_BatteryBox (1).jpg81_Alu_BatteryBox_Design_SketchUPs7.jpgpck1IMG-20160331-WA0005ebike L.D.(6)ebike L.D.(1)cycling-outdoor-bike-rack-font-b-clamp-b-font-Water-font-b-Bottle-b-font-fonteDragMotor 500w geared hub sau Bafang BBS02 750W, baterie 13s10/11pm, 1.6-1.8kWh!12304051_1666966223582189_8543717846094388541_o.jpg12314045_1666937816918363_6045260977842637020_nhuldr2X Rule – Battery capacity (Wh) should be at least 2times bigger than nominal power of engine (W).36918941_10216252206913872_1838976525085442048_n


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