iv240-50km/h – 48v/60v, for 50-70km/h better use 60-72v. power =speed(rpm)*torque, if your motor always climbing or loading is heavy, better choose low speed motor. The motor with higher speed will start and accelerate slower with shorter rang, higher speed will have higher wind resistance. speed.JPGStandard 10*2.15 hub, need tyre with 54mm width/inner size, 10*3.0 hub need tyre with 76mm width/inner size – 10*3.5, 120-60-10, 130-60-10. Brakes: 1) drum brake : 110mm or 2) 180mm disc brake with 58mm inner circle, 3*M8 disc screws. The 3 disc screw holes make a circle with 80mm diameter.
10″ 4000W 205 55H V3 48V brushless dc electric scooter motorcycle hub motor – max Torque approx 184N.m, max efficiency approx 88%. 48V-96V > 40km/h-90km/h. Rim size: 10×2.15″ (Narrow Tire as default) or 10×3.0inch (Wide Tire). Disc brake PCD3*80mm-M8, CB 58mm, drop-out 200mm. Dual Halls with waterproof connectos, 10mm² Phase Wire, Waterproof Grade: IP54. Electric Scooter Conversion Kit – Motor Controller, Speedometer, Throttle.

12inch Wheel, Magnet Height 70mm, 5 pole pairs, Diameter of stator: 120mm, Rated Power: 2000W, Rated Voltage: 72V as default, Speed 70KPH, No-load rpm: 2800rpm without flux weakening, 4400RPM with flux weakening. Max Torque 216.7Nm (with Reduction ratio 1:4.77), Reduction ratio: 1:4.77 (as default), Max Efficiency: 89.2%, Continuous Battery Current: 35A (72V), Peak Battery Current: 60A (72V), Suggest Peak Phase Current: 250A. Working Temperature can be monitored with Thermic Probe, None as default (KTY83/122 is available for mass prodution). Single Hall Plate with waterproof connectors, 8mm² Cross Section of Phase Wire (not include insulation layer), Hall Sensor Phasing angle 120degree, Waterproof Grade IP54. N.W. 23.19kg, G.W. 32KG, 70*39*25cm + 51*48*37.5cm. (N.W. 7.8kg, G.W. 9.1kg, 34X34X33cm).  The Kits includes: Mid Drive Motor with Left/Right fork, 18 MOSFET SINUSOIDAL WAVE BLDC MOTOR CONTROLLER, Rear synchronous belt wheel, Decoration covers, Rear axle with screws, Adapter, Synchronous belt, 12inch Aluminmun wheel, fender, Belt shield , Belt side shield.eng drawing.JPGqm1TB2VgQ6cE5O.eBjSZFxXXaaJFXa_!!286004121835859326_2096608590580635_2214767630701559808_nMxus 3kw Turbo1500w.JPGscteng1200W-Brushless-Electric-Mini-Dirt-Bike-HP110Eteste-fp

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