W1-Speed Pedalec, W2-72kmh

W1 Speed Pedalec – 3kw hub, Kunteng with PAS, 2.5kwh Boston Pack, 50km/h@48V, W1 Speed TestW1 Uphill Test
W2 – 3KW hub, 60A controller, 72km/h @72V, 4Kwh battery Smart BMS, 12A Smart Charger. DNM Burner, Zoom 680DH/Novatec, Tektro Auriga 203mm brakes. W2 cruising test, W2 mild&medium uphill test, W2 city test.

W102W1 Speed TestW1 Uphill TestWkt1Lyrikw compRCP2-500x500.jpgpedalier-force-road-c95-al-50-34t-175mm-negru-mat.jpgyy (2)2017-12-06 09.28.35

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