golf cart batteries - Vudu Energy
48V LiFePO4 battery designed specifically for all types of golf cars, utility vehicles, AGVs and LSVs – 1.5kWh lithium battery that is a standard golf-sized battery, so there are no tray modifications needed. Not only does it fit like a glove, but the one-of-a-kind battery management system hosts an intuitive software, providing Bullseye Balancing™ between batteries, seamlessly manages regenerative currents and avoids unnecessary disconnects. It uses a carefully engineered cooling management system to quickly remove heat from inside the battery during conditions of high discharge and recharge currents, preventing over-heating, extending the life of the battery. LED indicators to show the state of charge and battery status. A wakeup button, located next to the LED Status Indicators, is used to activate, request the SOC, reset, and turn off the battery.
The BMS is the most critical component in a lithium battery. InSight Series™ batteries feature a one-of-a-kind BMS that hosts intuitive software. The innovative algorithms within InSight’s SuperSmart BMS provide precise balancing within a battery and between batteries in a parallel system without the need for charging batteries individually. CANbus communication provides manufacturing, application, and historical data. In OEM applications, the battery can communicate with the motor controller. With a strategically placed heatsink you can run high currents without compromising the life of your battery or BMS. 16S9P 26650 LFP 3.2v3.4ah 51.2V30.6A, 1567wh, 13.5kg.
The InSight 48V030-GC2 is a 48V30Ah battery that is only to be connected in parallel to meet your energy requirements. To get 60Ah connect 2 batteries in parallel, if you want 90Ah connect 3 in parallel and so on. You may connect up to ten 48V InSight batteries in parallel. They are only to be used in a 48V system and cannot be connected in series. Install the batteries close together, use cables of equal lengths to connect your InSight batteries. Wait 2 full minutes after using your battery before connecting your charger.
16S1P 3.2V50Ah prismatic LFP cells.
Designed to resist to vibrations, shocks to be used also as power battery, in light electric vehicles – cargo bikes, electric rickshaw, electric ATV / buggy.

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