Daniel Zhou

3KW motor with 4speed gearbox, max power >10KW / 150A@72V
MXE-02 battery case ext.size is 230*195*275, inner size is 205*170*260.
MXE-11 / CRF – 240*155*300 or 210*170*300 frame available space,
MXE-011 exterior battery case size 290*160*315
MXE-06 bike frame available size 350mm*155mm*350mm

S1# Max square available battery space is around 300x150x350mm outside for MXE-006. Modi can use ternary CATL 60Ah prismatic cells, 20s1p 72V60Ah with pack size 230*155*345mm. Battery can work at constant 2C discharge, 120Ax72V=8,64kW power, BMS set @ 120A continue, 200A peak.

S1# Modi 20s1p 2C 72V60Ah size 230*155*345mm

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