Energica Superbike

Energica Ego Corsa MotoE 21.5kWh total weight 280kg – the largest production e-bike battery currently available, made with Nickel Cobalt Maganese NCM pouch cells
 400+Amps over 200Nm of torque 120kw / 161 hp  250kmh

Motors, not engines; batteries, not fuel tanks; inverters, chemistries, voltages, amperes, EM radiation concerns – study up, kids.

The length of these cables has intentionally been designed to be at a minimum, for efficiency concerns and for weight. Energica draws 12V off their main battery pack for the bike’s dash, headlights, signals, etc.
The battery pack housing is constructed from two cast aluminum pieces, with a billet aluminum plate connecting the two, and serving as cooling heat sink. The battery pack is mammoth, it weights 220 lbs on its own. While you don’t want that kind of weight on the motorcycle, you do want that level of protection. The robust metal housing is a shield against road debris, shields against electromagnetic fields, and protects the battery in case of a severe crash. It also creates a water-tight seal around the battery pack, to protect against weather, water crossings, and rogue car washes.
Energica is the only electric motorcycle manufacturer to include the DC Fast Charging technology based on CCS Combo.
How to charge
7.8kWh/100km – BT APP

Range for the Ego+, Eva Ribelle, Eva EsseEsse9+ models is:
City – 400 km, Mixed – 230 km, Highway – 180 km, with the new 21.1kWh batteries, a 60% increase over the previous 13.4 kWh packs.
Energica motorcycles use a high-energy lithium polymer (Li-NMC) battery. The battery pack weights 100kg/220 lbs >>> a little over 200Wh/kg energy density including the metal housing of the battery.

Cell pouch frames manufactured through professional 3D printing and new Windform FR2
Cell pouch frames manufactured through professional 3D printing and new Windform FR2

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