Rohloff – the best internal geared hub for high power motors

n6Current specification os N380 hub is max 350W and max 80Nm continuous torque. NuVinci N360 & Schumpf  @ 30mph. N360 Ratio

Manufactered in Taiwan under original Schlumpf licence, not a cheap chinese copy.
Rohloff comes in many combinations, to suit different needs and budgets Oil change instructions.

Here are 15 Reasons Why you too Should Tour with a Rohloff

01. Rohloff gears are inside the hub shell
02. Rohloff hubs are sturdy
03. Rohloff hubs have a wide gear range
04. Rohloff hubs are virtually maintenance free
05. Rohloff drivetrains require minimal cleaning
06. Rohloff hubs allow you to shift gears without pedalling
07. Rohloff hubs allow you to drop many gears at once
08. Rohloff hubs have equally spaced gear ratios
09. Rohloff hubs instantly change gears
10. Rohloff hubs allow for a straight chain line
11. Rohloff hubs are a zero-dish wheel build
12. Rohloff hubs are just as efficient as derailleur drivetrains
13. Rohloff hubs have less dependance on a shifter than derailleur drivetrains
14. Rohloff hubs build with shorter spokes
15. Rohloff hubs are belt drive compatible


Rohloff on an Electric Bike

With a Rohloff equipped bike you can ride  through anything and not worry about even  cleaning the driveline when you are finished.  Just squirt some oil on your chain once in a while and you are done, there are many cases of hard core cyclist riding Rohloffs tens of thousands of miles. The Rohloff is designed not only to last the life of your bike, but also your life. The Rohloff weighs in at 3.7 pounds, 1-2 pounds heavier compared to the usual gears/derailleur but that is not a problem on ebikes.
The Rohloff gives you a straight chain line, so chain maintenance becomes less critical. One common problem with powerful mid drive electric bikes is the chain can break. A Rohloff is much easier on the chain than a derailleur system and allows the user to select much thicker chains than what could be used on a derailleur. It is possible to use a bmx chain or even a belt with a Rohloff drive if chain breakage ever becomes an issue.
Another big advantage of the Rohloff is that it is possible to get ultra high gearing with just the addition of an extra large sprocket up front, or even better a Schlumpf Planetary crank set.  High gearing is extra important to the e-biker who generally travels at a faster speed than a conventional pedal-only bike.
Using a middrive engine is one of the sweetest spots in the electric bike universe.  A mid drive means the motor is in the center of the frame somewhere, so the weight is center balanced, the motor is geared to a very low speed using some kind of gear reduction system.This allows the motor to output on the right side along with the pedal drive train. So the rider and the motor pedal on the same chain going back to the Rohloff. This means the Rohloff acts as the transmission not only for the cycler, but also the motor. Having a 14 speed Rohloff as your shifter with a 1000 watt motor too it is pure slickness.
Front hub motor Drive, Rohloff in the Rear. One big disadvantage of a Rohloff to the electric bicyclist is it is not compatible with a rear hub motor. Many electric bicyclists opt to use a front wheel drive just so that they can run a IGH like the Rohloff in the back. Cons  – with front hubs front suspension is not recommended, especially at high power levels, there are offroad traction problems and it can be very dangerous.



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