Higo e-bike connectors

Higo is the leading manufacturer of signal, battery, motor, main cable & splitter connectors for E-bikes. Higo is generally considered to be the standard within the E-bike industry because of its ability to supply a complete range of connector solutions for the entire E-bike system. What makes Higo stand out of the crowd is the flexibility that they offer in developing customized e-bike connectors and cable assemblies. Higo connectors combine compact sizes with high currents (up to 25A) and provide the requested water resistance (IP66/IP67) for each e-bike.  higoA&C Solutions is the exclusive distributor for Higo connectors within Europe. Many of A&C Solutions’ customers, E-bike manufacturers and OEM companies, are continuously developing new e-bike designs, additional features and advanced systems. A&C Solutions is very much involved in each of these projects and provides customers with the right connector solution for their e-bike system.

e-bike-technologies.de founded in January 2009 is one of the leading German/European dealers of selected for e-bike components and electrical cables. Main customers are Individualists who prefer to build their own e-bikes. They have high expectations on the optic, riding behaviour and reliability of their e-bike. e-bike-technologies.de is part of a worldwide network of enthusiastic specialists.

The HIGO Mini-B Series of connectors is also available in a panelmount version. The male HIGO panelmount connector has an outer Ø of 10.4 mm (0.410″), the outer height is 7.5 mm (0.295″), and is suitable for a panel thickness from 1 mm (0.040″) to 3 mm (0.125″). This connector is suitable for voltages of up to 60 V and currents up to 2 A. Because of an IP66 protection rating, the connection is dust tight and can resist a hard water beam.

From the beginning of 2015, a European directive on e-bike brake lighting has taken effect.brake This directive states that all e-bikes should have brake lights that light up stronger the
harder you press the brakes. For this reason, e-bike manufacturers are obliged to integrate such a brake lighting system into their e-bike design. Higo has worked out a mini-B connector splitter that connects the two brakes on the frontside of the e-bike via one cable with the rear light at the back.
More and more E-bike manufacturers are launching E-bikes with more powerful motors. As a result Higo developed a motor connector that can handle high currents – 45A.

Recent BAFANG BBS improvements:
1# Front light function cable – the motor will have an extra red head cable. Users can buy 6V light to connect with motor. We can supply SPANNINGA GALEO 6V Light.lights2# Gear sensor function cable – motor will have an extra yellow head cable. When user install BBS motor onto their bike, if the crank wheel is running when they shift the SHIMANO gears, it is a high risky to destroy the derailleur. With this function, motor will be stopped for a second when people shift the gears, to help the derailleur. Especially for 350W+ motor, it is a must to stop the engine before shifting the gers. gsmnsh


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