elf2 solar pedicar

Organic Elf and Renault Twizy are similar in size: 4 feet wide and just over 5 feet tall. The Twizy is listed as 7 feet 7 inches long, and the ELF is actually longer at about 9 feet. The Twizy has an electric range of about 50 miles, compared to the 15 – 25 mile electric range of the ELF. But the Twizy weighs in at nearly 1000 pounds while the ELF weighs 160 pounds. The electric drive train is powered by a 750 Watt electric motor. Driving the ELF all electric is simple, but it is probably at it’s best when you pedal along with the electric motor. You get exercise, and with the electric motor assist you can quite easily ride over 25 MPH.

Organic TransitELF - Have A Go
Riding a 'Naked ELF' down Hillsborough | Arts Entertainment |  technicianonline.com
Pin on vélos de voyage
Check out the Four-Seated Solar Cycle! | Ecotricity NZ
ELF2: 122cm wide, 230cm long 26″x3″rear, 26″x2.5″front, 360W solar panel, 3kw hub motor

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