48V75Ah offered by iwatt.ro, 3C cells 2C 150A BMS AWG2 discharge
July 03, 2020 – Mercedes-Benz has launched a far-reaching strategic partnership with the Chinese battery cell manufacturer Farasis Energy (Ganzhou) Co., Ltd., including taking an equity stake.
Farasis cells make full use of the limited space in the electric motorcycle with its ultra-high energy density. The load capacity of Farasis motorcycle batteries exceeds 18KWh with a high-speed range of over 300km.
Farasis wants to increase the energy density of battery cells for electromobility by up to 50% by the end of this decade compared to the current state of the art. As of early 2020, Farasis says it has a manufacturing capacity of 23 GWh per year.
New NMC cell will support 800V electrical architecture, up to 4C discharge rates, and 300-350 kW DC charging speeds that will allow 400 kilometers of range with a 10-minute charging session. The module-less battery pack will include a two-sided liquid cooling system and heat dissipation plates on three sides of every pouch cell. Advanced thermal management system will not only quadruple heat dissipation efficiency but also extend battery life to more than 3,000 cycles.
14s2p – 28x814gr – around 25kg/pack 51V106Ah ~ 5kw powerwall
14s2p – 28x814gr – around 30kg/pack 51V150Ah ~ 7.5kw powerwall

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