Grabat – 1kwh / 1kg

Graphene batteries promise to be the Holy Grail of EV industry: 1,000 km of autonomy for a vehicle with full recharges in 8 minutes, half the weight with respect to the lithium-ion battery and its production can become cheaper to be 77% more economic that the current. The Spanish company Grabat Energy and china Chint Group come to an agreement for the mass production of this storage system, whose main component, polymers of graphene, promises to completely revolutionize the industry of batteries in all its segments.

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For an electric bike, Grabat states on its website that a typical battery will have a storage capacity of 2 kWh, compared to 0.4 kWh in today’s battery powered bikes, and give a range of 250 km, while weighing less than a Li-ion battery offering a 65 km range.
For an electric motorcycle, range will increase from 100 km to 320 km with a 15.1 kWh Grabat battery whose mass will be only 14.4 kg compared to 35.6 kg for a typical 5.7 kWh Li-ion battery in today’s motorcycles.
1 kWh of energy in 1 kg is 4 times more energy for the same weight than the energy stored in the Panasonic batteries used now in Tesla vehicles, an energy density similar with petrol used in most of the cars now. Such batteries could produce the total collapse of main petrol/auto industries in a few years.
1kwh /kg înseamnă o densitate energetică de 4 ori mai mare decât cea oferită acum de bateriile Tesla/Panasonic, adică o densitate energetică similară cu benzina. Astfel de baterii ar putea duce la prăbușirea  industriilor petrochimice și auto în decurs de foarte puțini ani, consecințele ar fi apocaliptice pentru Big Business. Prea frumos ca să fie adevarat??

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