ride the sun

”Benzinarii” personale pentru 100km pe zi:
1 panou solar mic încarcă o bicicletă electrică. 
2 panouri solare încarcă un scuter electric.
4 panouri solare încarcă o motocicleta electrica.

Personal ”gas station” to make 100km per day: one solar panel for S-pedalec (1500wh), 2 solar panels for e-scooter (3kwh), 4 panels for electric motorcycle (6kwh).zero-fxszero-sr2016_escape_betsy_10Emmoto Escape – 78kg, DC 5kW nominal / 12kW peak, Torque 16Nm nominal / 24Nm peak. Max.Speed 60 km/h, Time Range 110 to 200 min with Battery LiPo 48.1V / 40Ah / 1.9kWh.

slchNb Solar Charging Station 12 solar panels, (12x300w-over 3kw/h), 22kWh storage can provide 8kW of 120/220 AC power from 5 charging ports. Container size 6×2.44×2.44m.

tacitatctTacita trailer 18 panels, 18 sq.m, 3Kw/h. For Tacita bikes with batteries up to 11kwh, but also for home or camping. Total mass of 750 kg, towable with a class B driving license.


1:35 – In 5 hours, 4 solar panels (8mp) can generate 6kwh = 100km range for J1 Johammer electric motorcycle (160km, Speed electronically limited to 120 kph). Johammer battery packs are designed to be reused as stationary storage modules for electricity generated by photovoltaic systems, after a service life of 200,000 km. Following an extended secondary life cycle of up to 20 years, the battery packs are then carefully recycled.

lightlightning-motorcycles-street-bikelightning-motorcycles-3Solar-Powered Lightning SuperBike, the world’s fastest production electric motorcycle.ride3kw24vInvertor Solar Hibrid >> download PDF Manual.


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