Bafang Speed Pedalecs


The Bafang 350W Max drive works with a 36v battery and does not work with a 48v or higher pack, but the Max Ultra works fine with a 52v pack which is what I tested it with. The Max Ultra drive system is targeting speed e-bikes as the maximum supported drive speed stands at 45km/h. 1517301349_maxresdefault.jpgMotor: •Bafang BBSHD 1000w 48v (1455watts peak) •4.8kg motor. •Custom controller settings with 100% throttle enabled at PAS-0 and no speed limit (unloaded wheel spinning at 102kmh with 46T). •46 tooth chainring (74.1km/h top speed on flat). •189 RPM at 58.8v (factory settings 160 RPM maximum). Battery: •Homemade 14s 5p 58.8v 14.5Ah battery pack capacity. •1,5 hours safe fast charge (6A 350w charger set at 59v). •3.65kg battery pack transported inside my backpack connected to the bike with XT90-S high discharge anti-spark connector. •70x NCR18650PF Panasonic High Current cells. •Waterproof “bare cells” pack style for better cooling. •No BMS for 100% charge (4.2v per cell) = 100% performance!! Dashboard: •V3 Cycle Analyst with with 1.00m ohms shunt, •Bafang C961 display. •2x 15 watts LED headlights (two modes: normal or high bean). •Waterproof red LED voltmeter to monitor battery sag and performance during the ride. Bicycle: •9kg Trek Road Bike, •Easton (rear) Shimano (front) performance 700c racing wheels with aerodynamic flat spokes •Mechanical brakes.
maxresdefault.jpgHacked Bafang BBS02 82.5Km/h TOP SPEED.  New TOP SPEED 85.5Kmh Extremely overpowered & modified BBS02 setup: Motor: •Bafang 8fun BBS02 750w 48v (1470watts at 58.8v) •Custom controller settings with maximum throttle enabled •52 tooth chainring (85.5km/h top speed) •155 RPM at 58.8v (factory settings 120 RPM maximum) Battery: •Homemade 14s 5p 58.8v 14.5Ah battery pack capacity •1,5 hours safe fast charge (6A 350w charger) •70x NCR18650PF Panasonic High Current cells bare pack for better cooling •No BMS for 100% charge & 100% performance!! Throttle / Brake Sensor: •Left thumb throttle adapted to road bike handlebar. •Magnetic sensor for mechanical rear brakes Dashboard: •2x 15 watts LED headlights (two modes: normal or high bean) •Red LED Voltmeter for battery performance monitoring Bicycle: •9kg Trek Road Bike.

bbshd-programming-cableThe very first step is to upgrade the programming that comes in the stock drives. When completely stock, the drives are very limited and its impossible to get full throttle without pedaling. The very first thing that programming the bbs02 gives you is the capacity to get full throttle on demand. Stock programming only gives you partial throttle. For a while many dealers such as E-rad were selling the BBS02 with these “special firmware settings” for ridiculous amounts of money ($1200). Karl from Electric Bike Blog turned the world upside down when he started publishing articles like this one that showed the public how they could buy a programming cable and hot rod their drives themselves. For those who bought a drive with the stock factory settings, here is what you need. You will need a programming cable and then you will need this list of links on how to program your drive. Programming the BBS02 is fairly easy and straightforward (just changing some settings), and there are many  great resources you can follow on this page mostly written by Karl. If you have not found it yet Karl’s web site is the definitive site on BBS02 and BBSHD hot rodding. He is famous for riding the hell out of his fleet of BBS02 and BBSHD and writing amazing articles about it.bbs02_controller_new-6__60629.1465417978.1280.1280Make sure your BBS02 has an upgraded 3077 controller so it can handle the hot rod programming. IF not, or if you have a blown controller note the controller comes in two versions…so make sure you match the shapes to your old controller, or it will not fit.
The BBS02 controller puts a maximum power of 25 amps. Make sure you battery has a continuous rating of 25amps if you want maximum power. To get more wattage you also want to up your volts since watts equals volts X amps. The easiest way is to add more power to your BBS02 is to upgrade to a 52V battery using 18650 cells (read our article on the benefits of a 52v battery). The BBS02 controller will take up to 60V and a “nominal” 52v 18650 battery charges up to full 58.8V, which is just at the limit and will get  you 1450 watts (25-amps X 58V) when full charged.  The 52V battery and hot rod programming is the secret to getting the maximum performance from your BBS02.
Once you hot rod the BBS02 is is fairly easy to roast it, especially the nylon gears if you are not careful.  Nylon gears are easily replaceable and repairing your drive can be fun and fulfilling so you aren’t risking ruining your drive.

  • The BBS02 motor likes to spin fast. Keep your motors RPMs up, by shifting to a lower gear when climbing hills.
  • Think about going with an aftermarket chainring as listed below and the smaller the better if you want reliability.
  • Use a bicycle transmission with a wide range of gearing. Even consider a Rohloff, the $1200 ultimate BBS02 transmission.
  • Consider installing a temperature sensor to make sure you don’t overheat your motor. (read this guide)
  • understand that when your motor runs hot, you are more likely to strip your nylon gear so be especially careful to be in low  gear when drive is hot
  • Consider lubing your BBS02 with Mobil-28 (read this article on why and how)urbio.JPGurbio specszergazerga specs9spd.jpggear compattabel-marimi-cadrebicicleta-drag-zx-275-pro-2017.jpg
    Bike Fitting –

    drag 8specs8spd.jpg42tBBS02 Speed test with recumbant – pedalling up to 50km/h, than engine can keep on flat this speed without pedalling. Pedalecs UK forum – depending on software, chainring and final cog ratio, 72kh with BBSHD is achievable. I obtained 45 km/h at a cadence of around 75-85 with an unrestricted “250W” running at 37 V x 17 Amps = 629 W (470 W at the wheel) on flat ground. Cogs could wear out with that torque, so it will pretty quickly start slipping.

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