E-Bike Solar Station / Charge

375W Amerisolar monocrystalline solar panel with conversion efficiency up to 19.33%
Amerisolar ASK-M 72Cells – mono 375W solar panel, 48.2VOC, 1956x992x40mm, 21kg
Solar charger can work with 2x100W flexible panels or with 1x36V400W, max.50VOC
18V PV panels maximum power is 200W, 2 x 18V PV panels in series. 36V PV panels maximum power is 400W, 2 x 36V in parallel. The controller will heat during operation, needs to be installed in the ventilated area. for heat dissipation. It is suggested to use in series a switch, for safety and to avoid sparks.
48V / 60V / 72V lithium, charge up to 350W (48V7A)

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