Bike production in Romania

In 2013 Bosch invested 77 million€ in Cluj-Napoca to produce engines for ebikes on 38000sqm, 1700  people are working for Bosch in Cluj, Blaj & Timisoara.
Bellow pictures from the DHS factory located in Deva. In 2014 this factory had a turnover of 46 million€, exporting 70% of the production to the european market (UE).
Ebikes are 35% of the exports.


450.000 bikes were produced in Romania in 2012 ie 3,9% of the total UE production. In the production of bike components. Romania is on the third position in Europe after Italy and Germany, with sales of 200 million€ in 2012 ie 10% of the total sales in UE.
In 2013/2014 NextCity produced 2.000 bikes every day in a factory in Reşiţa for the French group Decathlon with 350 employees and will have in 2015, 950 more people working in the second factory in Haţeg. Bellow pictures from the VeloCity factory.

fabrica_velocity_1fabrica_velocity_2fabrica_velocity_262000euroBetween 1999-2016 Continental invested 1,2 billion euro in Romania – 7 factories and 4 research centers. It is the biggest employer in the auto business from Romania – 19500 employees in 2017. The company is developing new e-bike technologies in Sibiu și Timișoara, Cycle Union and TechniBike will use these new engines starting with 2018. It will be like a combination of Bosch systems and Nuvinci variable transmission in one.Continental

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